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Have you ever wondered what it is like to be part of a high-life members community, such as Soho House? Well, we definitely have. And during our trip to Istanbul, we finally discovered what it feels like to be on the club’s private guests list.



Let us give you a bit of background for starters.

The first House opens in London’s Soho in 1995, to have now reached 18 clubs around the world, with more in the works. Founded as a private members’ club for people in the creative industries, Soho House & Co has since opened properties across Europe and North America, as well as restaurants, cinemas, work spaces, spas and bedrooms. All the Soho Houses are in diverse locations, but share the same mission all around the world – to create a comfortable home away from home for their members. And boy, are they doing a good job!

The Soho House Istanbul is located in Beyoglu area, minutes walk from main shopping streets and attractions such as the Galata Tower, with good transport links to the underground and trams available in very close proximity.

Previously used from the American embassy, the already architectural masterpiece buildings have been transformed and re-designed with the signature Soho House touch, introducing world class pampering, entertainment and customer service.



As soon as you walk in into the main entrance to the lobby, the first thing we noticed was how laid back the atmosphere felt. From guests to staff, everyone was dressed casually, with no suits, ties or uniforms to be found. The homiest feel, as well as the relax dress-code is very much at the core of the Soho House Istanbul philosophy, which is totally different to similar level hotels, and what makes the place so unique.

We stayed in a medium plus room in the main glass building, which in our opinion is the most cozy, full of character and last, but not least, most photogenic room type out of them all.

It felt like the team has thought about pretty much everything when setting up the room, so their guests can have a worry-free stay, and concentrate solely on enjoying the luxury comfort of Soho House hospitality.



Few of the accommodation and service details that we found made our stay that extra special:

  • The detached piece-of-art bathtub in the middle of the room, to lose yourself in, whilst having a read over the Soho House story and philosophy book.



  • Full range of full-sized Cowshed spa products right in your room, so you can bath yourself in divine luxury without stressing you’ve used too much (if you want to take them home though, the prices start from 25 EUR)
  • All sort of grooming and styling tools, such as shaving kits, hair straighteners, skincare minis, meaning that you don’t need to pack any of this for your trip, but still look fabulous as Soho House got you covered



  • The complete dry bar section, where you can unleash your inner bartender potential with the extensive cocktail making set, fully stacked glassware range, and wide variety of beverages to choose from
  • Nespresso coffee pods, tea bags and jar of cookies to indulge with your afternoon tea or just for a sweeter start of the day
  • The most incredible hotel gym we’ve even seen, featuring not only the best Techno Gym equipment and studio area, but also a massive boxing ring, completed by leather corners and classic boxing gloves that teleport you straight in a scene of Rocky’s movie.
  • We’ve got exclusive access to the Members Club building as a compliment, and enjoyed a chilled evening over a drink in what we found to be the perfect setting mix between a boutique museum and aristocratic lounge in one
  • Oh, did we also mentioned that there’s a private indoors cinema and summer rooftop entertainment area as well?


Book your dream room at Soho House Istanbul with £15 off your stay via the link.

Find out how to become a Soho House member here.

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