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Binulbulan was one of our best discoveries when in the Philippines. Located about an hour and a half from the closest main town of Sibaltan, Palawan, there are only 20 families that live there. In order to source fresh water, their collect rainwater and dig deep holes in the ground to build wells. There is no power supply or stable reception coverage in the area, so it's most definitely a very simple way of living for the locals. Despite the odds however, there is actually a functioning school on the island, where the kids have full-time classes and are not left out without education, even though living in the middle of the ocean. There has been a new pearl farm being installed just offshore from this anchorage, where some of the locals work, with fishing and other hand-made crafts to be the most common commodities for the island's population. The day we visited was quite windy, with our boat struggling to fight the waves and strong tide. It was an early morning shot, though the sun was so strong already that we had to seek some shade under the hand-made huts, used by the local to store fishing nets, building materials and all the palm leaves needed to plat roofs for more huts. Simple living made us dream!

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