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category: Exploration


Our quest for adventures has taken us to some extraordinary places. And Ang Thong National Marine Park easily took over a top spot in the rankings. What is usually a day trip to the archipelago about few hours away from Koh Samui, we made into a raw overnight camping at the beach, having the entire Mu Ko island virtually for ourselves (and few resident rangers on duty keeping us safe!). This allowed us to climb to the highest peak up the steepest rocky road, and enjoy the incredible view overseeing the bay just before the sunset, without having to rush down to catch the boat back.
Little we knew that one of the heaviest storms was on its way, and will hit the island that same night. What an experience to go through when on isolated island in the middle of the ocean. After rather a rough night tossing and turning accompanied by the screams of tens of monkeys, the next day we had to be evacuated with the help of local ship, which included us crossing the jungle, and serving as hors d'oeuvre for thousands of hungry mosquitoes. Yukes. But it’s all well, when a story ends well, and if we had the chance to do this all over again, we wouldn’t change a single thing.

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