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Think about the best hotel view you’ve ever seen. Now prepare yourself, as after reading this,  you’ll have a new favourite!

Our perception of a hotel with a view went through a 360 transformation after our stay at Kaliwa Lodge, Machame. Situated in the skirts of Weru Weru River Valley, Kaliwa lodge not only offers the most incredible panoramic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, but combined with world-class customer service and culinary standards, what’s left for you is just to sit back, relax and experience the magic of Tanzania.

Their amazing wooden deck, opens up the most spectacular view of Kilimanjaro, allowing to observe directly it’s highest peak Kibo, with its white glaciers and rainforest all for you to enjoy. Alongside your private viewpoint experience, Kaliwa’s team would happily serve your meal on the terrace, or some freshly brewed Tanzanian coffee to sip on, whilst you are soaking up the panorama. Head to the deck at the crack of dawn, for the most epic sunrise in your life, and when the mountain is the clearest from clouds and fog. It will be so worth the early morning alarm.

Probably not your typical Tanzanian lodge, Kaliwa features very modern structure and cubic, minimalist style, with its rooms design being soften and complemented with local art touches and fresh colors incorporated in the rooms and interior decoration. Overall quite unique concept, with the german architectural genius and innovative thinking to be speaking aloud. There is WiFi network available around the premises, however just bear in mind that it’s limited to free 200 MB per person per day, thereafter, charges apply. By why would you ever need more, when you should be enjoying all the beauty surrounding you instead.

The garden is also very well maintained and pleasant to hang out, for one to catch some sun rays, or simply stretch in one of the lounging chairs for a cuppa. Given the altitude, early mornings and evening can get on the chillier side, but also meaning no mosquitoes – hooray! Just another great reason to grab a drink from Kaliwa “Papa’s Whisky Bar”, where you can treat yourself with one of the many malts choices available, or opt for a beverage from their special menu such as Hot Lemon Ginger Tea or Campari Orange if you feel like it. All at 5 USD each. 

The breakfast is included in your room rate, continental style, served either at the restaurant, outdoor patio or the stunning terrace, along with freshly brewed coffee or tea, and plenty of seasonal delicious fruits, to wake up your senses. Lunch is à la carte, with the meal options varying from pasta and salads, to local specialties, and cooked by order. When it comes to dinner, Kaliwa are taking their menu preparation very seriously, as by the words of Kaliwa’s general manager Thomas Becker, the team always tries to surprise with different 4 course each day of the week, as to make sure there’s enough variety for the guests, for short or longer stays.  The meals depend again on season’s local produce, however all prepared and served to match European standards and quality.

The property is situated in Machame, a small village rich in coffee and banana plantations, as well as scenic nature and cultural experience. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Moshi Town, we found that is the perfect choice for both travelers interested in Kili expeditions, as well as any safari goers, because of its key location, and the zen atmosphere, providing the much needed comfort in between your adventures. There are even spa services on offer exclusively to the Kaliwa’s guests, with the beauty and body treatments ranging from massages to facials and manicures. So you can easily turn your stay into the ultimate relaxation retreat.

If in exploration mood, make sure to take the riverwalk just outside of the property through the village, as there are amazing views opening there to Kilimanjaro, as well as over the entire Weru Weru River Valley. Simply ask at Kaliwa’s reception for a copy of the map, with directions and you are good to go. We loved meeting locals along the way, with everyone being very friendly and generously giving us smiles back. Once back to the lodge, additional entertaining can be found in the lounge space provided in the main restaurant building, with a small library and range of board games at guests disposal, with all these little touches making your time at Kaliwa even more special, and a perfect way to end an intense day, full of activities.

You can book your stay directly at, or via most major accommodation websites.

For more information, visit Kaliwa Lodge website:

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