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Ever since watching the Disney’s movie “The Lion King”, exploring Africa’s wildlife has been on the adventures bucket list. Never have we ever imagined that the day this dream will come true is so near by.

We had the absolute privilege to visit one of Tanzania finest national parks – Tarangire – and discover a piece of the Northern circuit in the heart of Africa’s animal kingdom. And our partners in crime from Furahia Tanzania – Safari & Trekking, helped us make this experience as exciting and memorable as it could get.

The day started very early, as we left our overnight camp straight after breakfast. Roika Tarangire Tented Lodge is located right outside of the national park, in one of the so called Protected areas, nestled on the banks of Tarangire River and a mere 5km away from the national park main entrance. It was an unforgettable stay, as our safari arguably started from the property itself, with no fences around the camp, it’s easy to spot various wildlife to be passing through at all times, of course under the sharp surveillance of the Maasai guards, allowing for civilisation and nature to coexist in harmony. Read more about our unique experience at Roika Tented Lodge [here]

We boarded one of Furahia’s amazing Land Cruiser, especially adapted for Photography safari’s  featuring enlarged custom windows, gear support rails and the classic pop-up rooftop, providing all the space and views opportunity one can dream for.

As soon as we passed through the entrance checkpoint, we were transported into another world, a true animal kingdom.

On the left, a female giraffe with her little one snacking from tree branches. On the right, a whole herd of zebras were galloping in a compact formation, followed by a population of wildebeests. All cohabiting together in harmony.  

And then our quest of ticking the the big five commenced. A family of African elephants passed in front of us, with few baby elephants playing around their moms and being the cutest little toddlers. One out of five – check!

 Next up – Buffalos. So many buffalos. We were warned that they are notorious for their short temper, so better to be watched from afar. Two of five – check!

We continued to drive deeper in the park, surrounded by crowds of various animals species, including impalas, ostriches, warthogs, gazelles and dik-dik antelopes,which are the cutest little things.

And then, there it was the king. A small pride of lions have gathered under the shade of some still leafy trees, formed a mini oasis in the savanna. All five of them, a male and 4 lionesses, were resting during the daytime heat, in preparation for some nocturnal hunting after dawn. Three of five – check!

We stopped for picnic lunch at one of the couple designated areas within the national park, where we had some yummy food packed in advanced from Tarangire Tented Lodge. As we were enjoying the break, we had the most interesting conversation with our amazing guide Philbet from Furahia, about all things Africa, wildlife and adventures. With some monkeys jumping around and trying hard to snatch any snacks possible.

After the lunch, we hit the road again, in the lookout for some more beautiful animals to stare at. At one point, as we were enjoying the view and taking pictures through the huge side windows adapted for photography, we felt that we started driving much faster, like he was chasing something. After few minutes, we approached a huge baobab tree, and pulled the car on the side of the road, though with still some distance from the tree. Very shortly we realised what was the rush about.

Up there, on one of the branches, a beautiful leopard was resting with his full majesty, with his legs hanging in the air, stretched all the way from head to tail. It was a spectacular scene, and we couldn’t believe our luck. Four out of five – check!

This was the best day of our life, and most certainly, one to remember our Tanzania trip with. Safari is one in a lifetime kind of experience, and the Furahia Tanzania team made it spectacular for us. We are itching to go back again though, and we still have the fifth of out the big five to tick off. Planning mode on!

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