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Jordan is the ultimate destination for a perfect road trip, with astonishing landscape, fairly good infrastructure and last, but not least, one of the safest countries you can pick for traveling in general.

We found that getting a rental car and hitting the road is the best way to explore the country’s beauty, which also allowed us to discover so much more of Jordan, and reach places that won’t normally fall into the usual touristic routes.

Driving around Jordan with your own vehicle not only gives the flexibility to follow your own pace, but also is the fastest and most convenient way to travel, given that public transport is unreliable for the most part.




After extensive research, we’ve decided to go with Eras Rental Car, with an airport pick-up option. We found out they’ve got 3 branches around Amman area, with quite extensive car park available, and are also part of the ACE rent-a-car global network, operating as partners in Jordan. For a week worth of rental for a medium-size car with automatic transmission, the cost comes at about 100 JD (approx.105 GBP or 140 USD), excluding any additional extras.

The standard car security deposit required by Eras is only 250JD, which is much lower than any other rental company we’ve ever used, and they would release the funds within 14 days after dropping off the vehicle. Smooth process from start to finish.


Interestingly, even if you purchase the additional CDW cover, there’s still high enough excess that applies in case something happens to the car, so we decided to take the risk and go without it. Worth mentioning that we mostly road-tripped across the country rather than densely populated areas, so driving and parking have been much less stressful versus going around the capital city for instance.


We would recommend to book the preferred type of vehicle via the ACE rental website in advance, however to opt-in for the pay later option, as from Eras told us that many times the payments are delayed, which can cause additional checks and paperwork. We found that the best way to contact the local Eras offices is actually through WhatsApp messenger app, with the response rate being great and most straightforward way of communication. Also helps once you’ve arrived too, to keep in touch and update the Meet and Greet representative on progress with passport control queues, luggage pick up etc. Eras have been also very helpful with any questions we had, providing useful information about Jordan, some head-ups to bear in mind when getting around, and even happily borrowed us a car USB charger as somehow we managed to forget ours home. You can find all their contact and additional info at then end this blog (PART II).

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