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The Philippines never stop to amaze us with the endless variety of landscapes, activities and still undiscovered pieces of paradise across all of the 7100+ islands. It feels like the Philippines is that gift that keeps on giving, no matter how many times you visit, making it perfect for adventurous souls like us. And that’s why it’s our absolute favorite country visited to date, for its astonishing natural wonders, less explored hidden gems and unexpected adrenaline.



Even though it’s mostly considered a beach destination, during our latest project in the Philippines, we’ve opted in discovering a less explored side of this tropical heaven – its jungles and their waterfalls. There’s literally hundreds of them, and if time and resource is a constraint (like for almost everyone), deciding which ones are the best to visit first and prioritize it’s not easy. And in this article we did it for you, so you don’t have to!



After chasing waterfalls for weeks, we are sharing our recommendation for the ones that definitely stole the show for us. Here are our top favorites, ranked by several criterias such as – wow factor, rawness, location, photogenness and last but not least, adventurous level.


  1. Kawasan, Siquijor


  1. Aguinid, Cebu



  1. Tumalog, Cebu



  1. Kawasan, Cebu



  1. Inambakan, Cebu



      1. Casaroro, Negros

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