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  • There are countless of reasons to invest in a good travel tripod before heading up on your next adventure. Working in a low light conditions or bracketing multiple exposures are just a few, but whatever situations you are planning to put your tripod in, just keep in mind that this is every photographer best friend and a number one choice when packing up for a trip.



Polarizing filter

  • This one is big and is one of our most used accessories when going on a trip. Polarizing filter has multiple application, but it is especially useful when shooting landscapes – it enhances the colors, removes reflections from vegetation and gives this incredible blue in the sky. Keep in mind that cheap polarizing filters would rather decrease the quality of your images. 



Good backpack 

  • There are so many camera bags you can find on the market today – backpacks, shoulder bags, roller bags and cases and etc.. Whichever you choose to for with, make sure it is comfortable and lightweight, it keeps all your gear well protected and it is waterproof or at least has a rain cover. We use many different bags our our trips depending on the location and the situation. The one linked below is a really good option for a beginners. If you carry lots of gear, a traditional two shoulder backpack might be a better choice as it distributes and balances the weight on both shoulders. One shoulder bag could be killing if packing too many stuff.



Collapsable reflector 

  • Collapsable reflectors come in various sizes and colors. We usually have at least two when going on a trip – one big and one small. We keep the small one in our backpacks all the time and the bigger one we use only if we have set up a shoot on location before hand. The main idea behind the reflector is to bounce light back onto the subject. This way using only the existing natural light and by adding a bounce reflector you can create more 3Dimentional and more professional look to your images. You can get 5-in-1 (black, white, translucent, gold, silver). 



Spare batteries and memory cards

  • This might sound a bit too obvious, but there is nothing worse in the world to be on one of those freakily amazing places around the world and  find your self running out of batteries or enough space on your memory cards. Try to get the habit of leaving home with fully charged batteries, formatted memory cards and of course have at least two of each extra in your camera accessories compartment.

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